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Hi there! This page is all about the person behind Leonie Discovers, Xenia Tovchykh. Thanks for your interest – it’s appreciated!

If you want to find out who is behind this blog... read on!

What the blog is about?

Together with my family we will travel to the coolest locations in the world and tell you all about it.

  • Savy travel advice for active moms & dads
  • Best child- friendly accommodation options
  • Most interesting activities in destination to keep your kids entertained (and ready for good night sleep;))
  • Unique expat experiences from Barcelona, Berlin, London & Tenerife

How to get in touch

I’d love to hear from you whether you want to work together or simply have questions about blog posts!  Feel free to drop me a mail through my contact form in English, Deutsch, Castellano or Русский – I reply to every e-mail I receive.

Tell us who you are?

Hi, I am Xenia. I am a millennial mom, who lived in four countries and fluent in five languages. I love discovering the world together with my toddler daughter Leonie. In addition a full-time job in accounting, I adore traveling and expat life. The best way to experience the country is to live in it. 

The blog itself is very fresh and started just one week before 2018 hit the calendar. Travelling and living abroad has transformed my life. Through my blog, I would love to help to do that too!

I would like to show that not only full-time travelers and photographers have things to show & tell. An ordinary person, a mom with a job could still live the life to the fullest every day as well as on vacations. 

Where have you been?

I have started traveling at a young age, joining my mom Lucy on board of a cruise ship, who had a summer job as a guide and interpreter. I instantly fell in love with adventures and was really looking forward to getting older to pursue travel itinerary of her own.

By now I have been an expat for over 10 years and lived in four countries: Ukraine, Spain, United Kingdom, currently being based in Berlin, Germany. 


visited 26 states (11.5%) at 03.01.2018

I plan to extend this list at least twice a year and, who knows, maybe become a full-time traveler myself one day. I haven’t decided yet what to visit during summer holidays: Brazil jungle (yes, with a kid!:) or still undiscovered Georgia, but you will certainly hear about it.

Where are you from?

I was born in the south of Ukraine to Russian mom and Spanish dad. Until late teenage years, I lived in Odessa, the humor capital of the world, moving later to Barcelona, Spain for further education.

The blog is named after my daughter Leonie, born in 2015. Leonie means “lioness”, a girl who is brave and has a strong heart. One needs to brave to come of the box, change the place of residence, travel and discover the world. ‘Leonie Discovers’ keeps up this cheerful brave and cheeky personality.

Do you get paid to do this?

Not in the traditional salaried sense! Any revenue comes from advertising content, partnerships with travel brands, and affiliate income when you click on a link to a brand of product we believe in.

How can I be kept up to date with your adventures?

At the top of the page are a number of buttons that will let you follow us in a variety of ways. If you follow the site on  Facebook , Instagram, Twitter you’ll be able to take part in the ever-growing site community and get inspiration for your next trip.

How can I support Leonie Discovers?

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